Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

OK.. so my intent is to update this blog each month. But as things happen I think Oh.. I need to share that.

Tonight was Trick-or-Treating... and the boys had such a good time. They really enjoyed it this year running house to house, we made it through out entire neighborhood, which is almost 250 house. By the time we got back to our house they both just pretty much colapsed into Grandpa's lap. And for the record!! Nevin had only 1 sucker.. and Joseph has 1 piece of chewy gum. He really love chewing gum right now.. and he is really good at it.

Before Trick-or-Treating tonight we were having dinner and Nevin did the funnest thing. As I said before Joseph can spell his name, but when asked Nevin says.. "No, you can do it". Well at dinner we were being silly and I told the boys they can change their names.. and Nevin was now Joseph and Joseph was now Nevin. In the next moment.. Nevin giggled and said.. "I am Joseph.. J-O-S-E-P-H" Grandpa and I just sat there with our mouths hang opening, not believeing what we just heard... Too Funny! Also.. telling Nevin that his name has two N's in it, really bothers him! He does not want two N's.

Well.. that is it for now! Below is a video of Joseph spelling his name!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Digney Updates.. not just pictures :-)

Well if I am going to enter the blogging world I need to share family updates!

The Ohio Digney's are doing great. The boys are getting bigger and it's been so much fun watching them grow.

I want to be able to describe them as the individuals they are, but they do so many things that are the same.

There personalities have totally changed from when they were born. I am sure most of you remember all the trips to the hospital while I was pregnant because Joseph was not doing what he was suppose to be doing.. my mom and I would laugh because when Joseph was suppose to respond Nevin responded for him. Well.. Joseph is not as ornery.. and Nevin is not as willing. :-)

I think the one thing that keeps me amazed about the two of them is how much like Digney/Nevin they are. When I was deciding to have kids I wanted to pick a donor that was going to allow the kids to look like my family.. I don't know why.. but I just did. Well.. I got it. All my family at different times can see parts of them in each of us. From phyical features to personalities.. it's GREAT! I got A LOT of comments on how much Joseph looks like Grandpa.. and we always joke with Grandpa, Aunt Colleen and Nicole that they have no butts... well either does Joseph... it just amazings me how God worked it all out.

Nevin is my moody one. He has my over-sensitive nature. Loves his Grandpa and his brother. It's funny to watch him with Joseph. Joseph at times can be so mean to him. So I intervene and tell Nevin to just stay away from him... well 2 seconds later he is right next to him again...

Joseph is truly my sweetheart.. he has a rough and tumble exterior but oh.. so sweet and loving on the inside. He is still all over the place and nothing seems to slow him down.

It's fun watching them learn and discover new things. The other day we asked Joseph to spell his name.. and he CAN!! When I asked Nevin, his response was that I should do it for him. I have been keeping them active in different things to see what they like.. we have done soccer and swimming and next month we start gymnastics. They both love tumbling so I think it will be fun.

They are both in preschool.. again it's funny how different they are and how they change back and forth. Last year was their first year in school... after two weeks we decided to pull Joseph out because he was just not ready for it. Nevin was doing great, so he stayed and enjoyed getting on the school bus and learning new things. This year both boy are in school and Joseph is rocking!! He is doing great, learning, playing and being a good friend.. while Mr. Moody is not doing as well.. he is going but showing some defiance.. yes.. NEVIN!!

As the days go on I will keep everyone updated on how they are doing.

Grandpa is doing great.. he is working as Microman in Dublin, OH.. it will be a year this December. He was hired in as a Project Manager, but until recently he really wasn't putting any of his skills to use.. well maybe his solitaire playing skills. Now he is busier and being able to make a difference in what he does. He been on the Fair board in our county for two years now.. and that is another place he wants to make a difference, but the politics of it all really has not allowed that.. but he is hanging in there! I keep telling him, that one day they will embrace the change that needs to happen. The house in Hartwell still has not sold and we think at this point with how the economy is, it may NEVER sell...

I am doing good as well.. Lost the job that I loved and was unemployed for over a year... that was not fun at all. I wish I could have appreciated the time off, but I was just worried the entire time on how I was going to make ends meet.. I am working now at Pacer Global Logistics.. I have been here since July. Money is tight, but between my dad and I we are making ends meet.

I think this is the update for now... I hope everyone is doing well!

Shannon Ireland Winckler

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