Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where the time goes...

Oh my! I just saw that my last posted was in the beginning of January. So much for keep this updated.

Since my last post we have celebrated the boys 4th birthday! It only took about 3 days to start the "When will we be 5?" question.

I wanted to quick post their TeeBall pictures, and then I will get back on here and write some updates!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Post of the New Year!

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year.

Oh.. where does the time go. I really need to get better at either blogging to keep family up to date, or at the least writing in the boys journal so they can look back and remember.

At the very beginning of my decision to become a mom I start writing in a journal with the purpose of it being passed on to my child. It starts at the many years of planning, months of trying and then the boys. It fun to look back and see my thought process and what I, at that moment, thought was important to pass on to my children. When I found out I was having twins, on that first day of writing to the two of them I noted that they had to figure out how they were going to share the journal, because I was NOT writing two seperate ones :-) Anywho... the moral of this rant is that I really need to get focused on noting the important and fun things.

Christmas was GREAT! This years the boys really looked forward to it and I personally did think they were going to "explode" if it did not get here! We got to see Santa 4 times. From about the 7th of December until Christmas day every morning Joseph woke up and asked if it was Christmas Day!

On Christmas Eve, grandpa got out of work early and we headed to the movies. We watched Disney's Bolt.. very cute! That entire day both boys kept reminding Grandpa and I that it was Christmas Eve... again and again and again... We ended the evening with Christmas Eve service at church. Can anyone tell me why two boys can sit still through a 2 hour movie, but could not even make it 20 mins in church?? It's a mystery!

Now.. this really being my first Christmas with little ones that understood the Santa thing I was not sure what to expect. As kids my siblings and I were up and ready to go at 3am... I was really praying for NO 3am :-) Nevin joined me in bed around 6am, just to sneak in and sleep. Around 7:30pm Joseph joined Nevin and I. At that point I was ready to wake up.. I asked the boys.. "Has Santa been here?" While Nevin wanted to know, he did not want to go check so he sent Joseph. Joseph jumped out of bed.. went and checked the Living Room and reported back. "Nope.. Santa has not been here yet." (Now.. mind you, there was NO WAY you could have missed his arrival of presents.) Joseph got back into bed and snuggled in. After about a minute I asked.. "Are you sure? We better go check again, I will go with you. The sun is up, if he has not been here he is not coming." With that we all jumped out of bed... and I am sure you have experienced what came next :-) Christmas was GREAT! It was nice seeing them understand Santa and also the true meaning of Christmas.. and maybe next year Joseph will better understand that Christmas only comes once a year!

New Years Eve was a quite evening of relaxing. While I personally doubted my desire to stay up until midnight, I decided to just go with the flow. No bedtimes as long as there was no fighting and whining. Joseph made it until 10:30pm before he was asking to be put to bed. Nevin my night owl watched the ball drop and crashed with no complaints at 12:15am. It was a nice NEW YEAR!!

The New Year has again brought some changes to the Digney house. Back in July I had accepted a job at Pacer in Dublin. It was a GREAT opportunity, but I was definitely feeling the stresses of being a single mom. While my unemployment of almost 2 years I can't remember a time I had a sick child. In my 5 months at Pacer we went through 3 rounds of pink eye, (4 if you include me), then Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, then 1 puking at school and 1 diarrhea at school. Each time meant me leaving work and calling in... not good. So I decided to leave Pacer and trying working from home as a Pacer Agent. I essentially do the same thing, but with commission only. Time will tell if it was the right decision, but I won't know unless I try. However, already in one week while the financial stress is there, the mom stress is gone. This feels right and in the long run I pray is the right decision for Me, Nevin and Joseph!!

Well.. I think that will end my updates for the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009.