Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving Frank and Family joined the Ohio Digney's. We had a very nice time.. it was short but we all enjoyed a nice and relaxing day together.

We are now getting ready to get into the swing of Christmas. Decorating will start tomorrow, and then the Holiday fun will start... Christmas Parade, Christmas walk, Jingle Bell race/walk, cookie exchange, Holiday Lights at the Zoo, Cookie Decorating at Grant's... and anymore fun we can find.

Today I got up early to hit really wasn't that bad, then a stop at K-mart. Which our Marysville K-mart just... well I just have to laugh. I was talking to a person in line behind me.. I was saying how I could understand why they did not have all their registers open, because you know how Black Friday just snuck up on all of us this year! As of right now, I think I can pretty much say, I am done with shopping. I am happy with the variety of things the boys are getting, I think they will be very happy Christmas morning. After K-mart, I ran through McDonald's to bring breakfast home to the guys before heading to work... I got home at 7:30 and EVERYONE was still sleeping!! Why doesn't everyone still sleep when I can and want to sleep in? So, I left the McDonald's and heading to work.

Pacer was closed Thanksgiving and the day after, and then closed again Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... opened the day after Christmas (Friday)... Well... they were looking for volunteers to work the day after Thanksgiving and if you worked that day you can have the day after Christmas off!! Waaaa Hoooo!!! 5 days off at Christmas!! It was SO worth working the day after Thanksgiving.

Saturday and today we did much of nothing. We did get our Christmas decorations out and the Christmas tree is up. This year is fun, the boys understand that Santa is coming, but they don't understand why he has not come yet, they get excited each time they walk into the family room and see the Christmas light all lit up on the tree. It's going to be a GREAT Christmas.

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday and are ready all the fun yet to come.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hand... Foot... Mouth, Oh My!!

Hope this find everyone doing great! The Digney house is getting excited to celebrate Jesus' Birthday!

The other day on our way to school the boys and I were talking about Hunter's (neighbor) upcoming 4th birthday party. They were excited about getting him a present and going to his party. They are getting to the age where they understand giving gifts to their friends, and helping the friend celebrate their birthday! So, I took the opportunity to tell them how exciting Jesus' birthday is going to be and how Jesus loves them so much that he wants THEM to have presents.. just for them. That was EVEN cooler!! So, needless to say we are all very excited for Christmas.

We shifted from swimming lessons to gymnastics, and boy do they LOVE IT! They get upset because we only go one night a week. In the 45mins they are in class they start at floor exercise, then over to the vault, then the balance beam, then the uneven bars.. well the one bar, they get to hang on it and climb like monkeys. After that they all go over any lay on a purple mat.. the coaches have all the kids lay on it deflated and then they turn on the air and it inflates into a big jumpy!! Big Big Fun!!

Today Nevin and I stayed home from school. He has the Coxsackievirus, better known at Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. I think they both started with symptoms last Wednesday. Both had been having restless nights and I could tell it hurt them to swallow. One night I had them both up crying, inconsolable.. between Grandpa and I were going back and forth trading boys to see who had the magic touch... even with that being said, I can tell you that since they were born that was only the 2nd time I have had them both so upset.

So, back to the virus.. they had no fevers just the restless nights and the trouble swallowing.. this past Friday night, into Saturday Joseph slept all night without waking, but Nevin did not. I got a note that Strep was going around at both DayCare and Preschool.. so I decided to bring Nevin by Children's Close to Home, (kids urgent care). While waiting for the strep results, I noticed a few sores on his hands. The doctor came in and said.. negative for strep, but looked at his hands and asked to look at his feet. She pulled his sock off and he had many, many on his feet... :-(. Nothing we can do except help the pain in his mouth and wait for the sores to dry up. Not all kids get the sores, so I am praying the Nevin is the tail end of two brothers getting it, not the start of two brothers getting it. And while it's nice to have a break and to hang out with just one of my guys.. I need to be at work and really want everything to be healed.

Now on to some fun stuff. My Joker Joe loves to dance. We will be driving in the car and he will yell, dance Mommy, dance Nevin, dance Grandpa... and we all have to move around in our seats dancing.. and if we don't he will nicely keep asking. So, Saturday I made his first dancing video.. He just CRACKS me up..

This next video is of Nevin eating some sour candy. Mommy tried to tell him his face was going to pucker up but my boy.. the boy that can make himself sick by thinking it wanted to try it!

And last but never least... I can't neglect the fact that someone else in our family knows how to spell their name! Great job Nevin Michael Digney, the 4th!... I know I know.. the 4th where did that come from? I am not sure, but anytime you ask him his name he will respond.. Nevin Michael Digney the 4th!

Good day to all!! And, YES!! That was my cat on the kitchen counter in the candy video. While, I typically don't allow her to be on the counter.. my Ali girl is not feeling well. She is eating and eating, but just staying very frail. We put her food up there to keep it away from the dogs.