Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

OK.. so my intent is to update this blog each month. But as things happen I think Oh.. I need to share that.

Tonight was Trick-or-Treating... and the boys had such a good time. They really enjoyed it this year running house to house, we made it through out entire neighborhood, which is almost 250 house. By the time we got back to our house they both just pretty much colapsed into Grandpa's lap. And for the record!! Nevin had only 1 sucker.. and Joseph has 1 piece of chewy gum. He really love chewing gum right now.. and he is really good at it.

Before Trick-or-Treating tonight we were having dinner and Nevin did the funnest thing. As I said before Joseph can spell his name, but when asked Nevin says.. "No, you can do it". Well at dinner we were being silly and I told the boys they can change their names.. and Nevin was now Joseph and Joseph was now Nevin. In the next moment.. Nevin giggled and said.. "I am Joseph.. J-O-S-E-P-H" Grandpa and I just sat there with our mouths hang opening, not believeing what we just heard... Too Funny! Also.. telling Nevin that his name has two N's in it, really bothers him! He does not want two N's.

Well.. that is it for now! Below is a video of Joseph spelling his name!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Nevin! That is the best Mary :)